Aug 2011

Potrait Demo Link

Over on my fine art website,, there are two recent posts relating to portrait painting including a demo done with acrylics. You can see both here:
Five Keys to Capturing a Good Likeness

Portrait Demo

Selfish Giant Page

I’ve added a new page to the site with the entire set of completed paintings from Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant. You can go there by clicking here or by using the link in the menu at right.

The Selfish Giant Preview 2

Three more illustrations from my ongoing, The Selfish Giant, ebook project.

Cover painting.

Hail enjoys breaking the roof tiles.

The Giant discovers his long lost friend has returned.

The Selfish Giant-Book Preview

Currently I’ve been busy painting illustrations for an ebook version of Oscar Wilde’s, The Selfish Giant. The story was one of several fairy tales written by Wilde in a collection published originally in 1888 under the title, The Happy Prince and Other Tales. The illustrations here are a preview of the 15 or so paintings being created for the project, which will be my first self published ebook.

The Selfish Giant returns home...

...and chases away the children that have been playing in his garden everyday after school.

The North Wind, Snow and Frost take over the empty garden.

All of the art is being painted digitally using traditionally drawn pencils scanned, imported into Photoshop, and used as base art. The process has been described several times before here on the blog. (The basics are described in a long standing demo posted here. )