Dec 2011

"Tis the Santa Season

Another seasonally appropriate painting of the big guy in the red suit. Like the last post’s portrait of Santa Claus, this too was painted using acrylics, this time on an oil primed piece of Masonite. I imported this one into Photoshop by directly scanning the artwork. If you look closely, (especially in the sky, top right), you can see how the scanner picked up some of the texture from the underpainting. It almost looks like the glare you see when viewing an old varnished oil painting lit from above. If I would have photographed the piece with even side to side lighting, and then imported the photo, as I do most of my traditionally painted work, those marks wouldn’t appear. And while it’s technically not the correct way to do things, I sure do like the warm, hand painted feel those marks produce.

Below is the little idea sketch the painting started with done on some scrap paper from another assignment.