Jan 2013

Milton Glaser's Ten Things

I stumbled across, “Ten Things I Have Learned,” on Milton Glaser’s website the other day when doing some online research. It’s been around awhile, part of a speech that the legendary graphic designer gave at an AIGA gathering in London in 2001. But there’s lots of great insight and wisdom here which I think you’ll agree applies to more than just the field of commercial art.

Born With a Tale at National Art Premiere 2013

My painting Born With a Tale has been selected for exhibit at the National Art Premiere 2013 show.

Born With a Tale web1
Born With a Tale acrylic on hardboard 25x19.5”

The painting was accepted into the show by judge Jose Augustin Andreu, entries were open to artists from across the US, Canada and Mexico. The show runs from March 1 - April 26th at the Elmhurst Art Museum and there will be an opening reception March 8 from 7-9pm.