Jun 2012

Uncle Ben's Growing Kids Illustration

This illustration was created for an upcoming Uncle Ben’s rice ad. The agency’s idea focused on showing three stages in the development of three kids, showing us how good nutrition, including eating Uncle Ben’s rice products, helps children grow strong.

The stages would be kindergarten, then middle/grade school, and finally high school. Neat idea and a fun job to work on.

The key was to give the characters easily identifiable traits so the viewer would understand the idea of growth as we showed changes that naturally happen to kids as they mature. This meant keeping common aspects in each child that needed to change as they of course do over time, and yet the differences couldn’t be too drastic or the kids might be mistaken for different people. So hairstyles change, but in an evolutionary not revolutionary way. Clothing as well, with certain traits and colors continuing through the three stages to reinforce identification. My favorite touch by the way is seeing the boy start out as the smallest of the three and wind up the largest.

I thought the Uncle Ben’s orange background color might be more difficult to work on than it turned out to be. When the ad runs there will most likely be a corrugated cardboard type texture added by the agency’s production department in keeping with the client’s current look, and possibly an aura of some type around the figures, so the final rendition most likely will appear slightly different from the artwork shown here.

The art was created completely in Photoshop from traditionally drawn pencils.

dd's Dino Art

The illustration above was painted for the dd’s Discounts store chain. Dino the dd’s mascot is pulling a wagon full of books to announce a new program dd’s is taking part in. They will be working in conjunction with First Book, to provide books to children in need. Funds donated to First Book will be matched by dd’s. Anyone who has been involved with kids and education will tell you that reading is an essential part of the educational experience, so helping to get books into the hands of kids is a great way to make a difference.

Artwork created in Photoshop.