May 2011

Artist Reception

So good to see everyone who stopped by on Sunday afternoon at the Downers Grove Library’s artist reception. I appreciated hearing all the comments about my work and the chance to speak with all of you.

Yours truly with the model who inspired, “The Rabbit Fur Cap”.

There has been some confusion about the identity of the guy used in all of the marketing materials connected with the show. When the library’s exhibit coordinator Melody Danley asked me for a photo to use for promotional purposes I provided her with a detail shot from the painting “A Change of Season.” Many people, seeing the head shot next to my name, assumed the art to be a self portrait. Nope. Luckily, the model lives out of state so he won’t have to suffer the repercussions of the mis-identity! To clarify things a bit Melody cleverly set up a table with an actual self portrait that was not originally included in the show, to help set things straight.

Most of the work I showed at this exhibit was personal work but I did include a few illustration pieces including this painting of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

This show has been a blast and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the feedback I’ve received and people I’ve had a chance to meet. A big thank you to Melody for the invitation to display my work and for her talented presentation.

iPad Portrait Sketch

With some free time between finishing up one illustration job and waiting for pencil approval on another, I had an opportunity to grab my iPad and do some sketching. I’ve used Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro iPad app a few times in the past but never did anything more than some quick and very rough, idea sketches. This time I wanted to attempt a slightly more finished representational drawing. While there is no doubt in my mind that some truly incredible, highly polished paintings are achievable with the iPad, I don’t have much interest in taking my iPad artwork to that level. If I want to create a polished piece of finished art, I’ll use the tools I have that are better suited for the task, traditional or digital.

Having said that, I do enjoy using the iPad for color sketching and color note taking. Pretty tough to find a simpler, portable, easy to hold, color sketching set up than this, and there’s no reason not to use it to create some paintings that fall between a 10 minute drawing and a fully rendered piece. Even better, if a sketch does deserve to be taken to a higher degree of finish there is no reason it can’t be imported into a pro level image editor like Photoshop or Painter.

So with the latest version up and running I grabbed my stylus and worked up the portrait above. This represents roughly an hour or so of painting time including a few minutes refreshing my memory about how Sketchbook Pro works, the tool options and the like.

The more I use the Sketchbook Pro app the more I have come to like it, although I still think they badly need to add an autosave feature. On the downside, let’s face it, sketching on a tablet computer is somewhat sterile. I mean how much fun can it be if your hands are still clean when your done? Some of the UI stills seems slightly clunky and my wish list would include a record/playback feature like the Brushes iPhone app has, but overall it’s a well thought out and implemented piece of software that I have a feeling I will be sketching with more and more.

Meet the Artist Reception

In conjunction with my currently running exhibit at the Downers Grove Public Library, I’ll be doing a “Meet the Artist” reception on Sunday May 22 at 2 pm. I'll be available to discuss my work, painting with acrylics, or even the merits of working as an artist and illustrator. Hope to see you there.

Gallery Presentation

A series of my paintings, mostly personal work, but a few illustration pieces as well, went on display today in the Downers Grove Public Library gallery space. They’ll be up for the entire month of May. Thanks to Melody Danley, the library’s Graphics and Display Coordinator, for doing a great job arranging and hanging the work. The library’s gallery space is terrific and I’m thrilled to be able to show my work there. If you’re in the area please stop by.