Nov 2009

Painting Against (Stereo)Type

Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.
Emo Phillips

Red the True Believer 20x16 Acrylic on gessoed hardboard.

Things have been fairly busy lately and time has been at a premium. That’s part of the reason, (yeah I know, the old no time excuse), that I have not had any recent updates to the blog. The other part of the equation, is that most of the work I’ve been so busy with is not yet approved to post. (Then again there are the projects that require non-disclosure agreements meaning I may never have the ability to show them - very frustrating.) Hopefully I will have some new work from a recent National Geographic assignment and the black and white interior art from a new version of Gulliver’s Travels ready to post soon.

I have managed to find some time to do a little personal painting/drawing, and the portrait posted here is one of those pieces. My interest was in portraying one of those people whose physical makeup doesn’t seem to fit with the persona they inhabit. Juxtaposition usually provides good fodder for art, but in this case it’s not a juxtaposition of form or color but of archetype. The subject, a skinny guy, with glasses askew, is the type of person we might expect to be pursuing a computer science degree by day, while competing in an online, sci-fi trivia challenge, “TARDIS-Time And Relative Dimension In Space!” in Mom and Dad’s basement at night, but who instead wears the biker leather, sports multiple piercings and drags on an ever present, unfiltered cigarette, all to the mental soundtrack of white noise punk.