Nov 2012

Antique Santa Painting

Antique Santa copy

As we begin our approach toward the holiday season it’s not unusual that I find myself painting a Santa piece or two for various usages. While the vast majority of my work is created digitally I always enjoy painting these images with real brushes and paint. After all what could be more appropriate than rendering such a time honored figure with “classic materials?” That idea was taken a step further in this case by making the painting appear as if it were literally a fragment of some long lost icon.

I’ve noticed lately a return (a rediscovery?), of what is often referred to as traditional media. I don’t know if it is simply that I’ve bumped into a string of pieces randomly or if there is a mini movement toward handcrafted art. Maybe they’re showing up on the radar because my focus has shifted, kind of the way you notice all the blue cars on the road after you just purchased one. The last painting posted here, Born With a Tale, was done with traditional media too.

As wonderful as digital art can be, as advantageous in terms of changeability, and ease of delivery, maybe we are seeing an uptick in traditionally created art because of its warmth, not necessarily in the finished product, but in the process. There is definitely something to be said for the experience of painting with real paint and real brushes instead of their digital dopplegängers. Maybe it’s similar to the way vinyl records are making a comeback with the indie crowd. An obvious response to the ubiquitous if shallow mp3 format. Or maybe it’s just my own personal feeling that painting with real media scratches a creative itch that digital media has a hard time reaching and I’m on the outskirts with this one.

In any case, painting old school is an enjoyable detour from the Photoshop/Wacom norm and I hope to do more of it.