The painting started off with a scan of my original sketchbook drawing which was then imported into Painter and floated on a separate layer set to Multiply. I then opened a previously created piece that I like to use as a toned background for my work, imported it, and made it the Canvas layer.

Some initial tones were built up using the Wet Soft Acrylic brush but nearly all of the painting was done using the Square Chalk brush variant with the opacity set low. Paper Source and Method settings were changed as necessary to create underlying texture as I painted. It's hard to see much texture at this resolution but the overall effect is still there. When I had a good foundation of value and color I created a layer above the pencil layer so that the new brush strokes covered up the line as I worked. Satisfied with that, the layers were all dropped to the Canvas, (not counting the duplicate of the pencil layer that I always make, never know when you might need it again).The final addition of color was accomplished by building up and overlaying glazes.